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Monday, 23 April 2012

Renaissance Collection by Young & Battaglia

Mineheart are proud to unveil their 'Renaissance Collection' this week, designed by Young & Battaglia in collaboration with digital artist Himitsuhana. The pieces are inspired by the beautiful paintings of the Italian and Dutch renaissance. Instead of oil paint, Himitsuhana uses the latest in photographic and digital techniques to create her artworks. The products include the 'Sistine' pendant light, 'Candela' wall light, 'Renaissance' rug , and 'Air' and 'Sea' extra large stretched canvases.  For more info see below.

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Renaissance Cowhide

The Renaissance cowhide is unlike any cowhide you have ever seen, it's from a very exotic breed of beast that lives in the fantasy world of designers Young & Battaglia. The piece features a background image created by artist Himitsuhana, overlayed with tufts of fur and hand cut out in a special rubber backed fabric. A fusion between art and utility, this rug will add a beautifully surreal touch to any interior, and unlike real cowhides this one is hypo-allergenic, washable, and will always lay flat. Designed by Young & Battaglia with artwork by Himitsuhana, these rugs area made in England. Dimensions 1653x1500mm. Material samples available on request. More

Giant Canvases with printed frames

These giant printed canvases feature artworks by artist Himitsuhana inside large ornate frames which are also digitally printed onto the canvas. There are two designs 'Air' and 'Sea', ' Air' features an unsatisfied lady drinking air from a glass in a black frame, and 'Sea' an innocent girl with octopus tentacle plaits, and a sailing ship in her hair. These interesting prints are somewhere between fantasy and renaissance in style are designed to be hung on the wall or rest on the floor. Larger than life, they stand at an impressive 173cm high, they can create a stunning feature in a room, and the cleverly printed surround saves you having to go out and find that perfect frame! Designed by Young & Battaglia with artwork by Himitsuhana, these stunning images are printed onto the finest quality canvas and stretched on to 38mm thick wooden frames. Made in England More

Candela Wall Light

The 'Candela' wall light is a beautifully simple circular shade is made using traditional lampshade making techniques of fabric stretched over a steel frame. The front diffuser features an image of a girl lit by candle light, inspired by renaissance paintings, is designed to give the feeling of soft, romantic candlelight.  The candle flame is cleverly positioned directly in front of the light source so that when the light is on, the light eminates from the flame. The white fabric sides also allow diffused light through making it both a practical and an artistic light source. Designed by Young & Battaglia with artwork by Himitsuhana. Made in England. More

Sistine Pendant Light

The 'Sistine' pendant light is inspired frescos and chapel ceilings. An elegantly proportioned circular shade supports a diffuser featuring an image of 3 sisters floating in the sky around a dove. The halo of light around the dove is positioned directly below the light source so that when the light is on, the light eminates from the dove. The minimalist slim shape combined with the dreamlike imagery can add a touch of romance to both modern and traditional interiors alike. Designed by Young & Battaglia with artwork by Himitsuhana. Made in England.  More 

Previous releases

Thursday, 15 March 2012

Milky Collection by Young&Battaglia

The new Milky Collection by Young&Battaglia features four new "udderly" adorable products inspired by cows. The products include White Chesterfield wallpaper, turned wooden Milking Stool, a Super long Stretched Cowhide rug and The Cow Speaker. All made in England.

Super long Stretched Cowhide

White Chesterfield wallpaper

The Cow SpeakerMilking Stool

Monday, 30 January 2012

Clock Plate Clock

The 'Clock Plate Clocks' designed by Young & Battaglia feature images of vintage clocks printed on to glazed porcelain dinner plates. The family consists of 3 different sized plates which are designed to be hung on the wall either individually or as a set to create a unique and quirky wall feature. Each clock is inspired by a different capital city and are appropriately named London, Paris and New York to show different time zones if desired. Made in England with high quality German Quartz movement, these clocks are perfect for an office, dining room or living room.

Saturday, 28 January 2012

Mineheart Stone Angels Wallpaper

The 'Stone Angels' wallpaper is inspired by stone architectural details. The wallpaper features angels reminiscent of renaissance sculptures and cathedrals, creating the effect of an exquisitely carved ornate wall. It conjures up a serene, romantic scene like that of an Italian palazzo or a garden courtyard.Perfect for feature walls or a whole room this paper is made in England and printed on to fine quality vinyl-free smooth paper.

Thursday, 26 January 2012

Chesterfield Button Back Wallpaper

The new Chesterfield Button Back wallpaper by Young & Battaglia

This strikingly iconic wallpaper inspired by the classic deep buttoned Chesterfield sofa
gives the look of soft, leather padded walls. It creates a seriously luxurious feeling and
is strangely reminicent of gentlemens clubs, boudoirs and mental institutions!

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Sepia Bookshelf Wallpaper

The new Sepia Bookshelf wallpaper by Young & Battaglia: This new design features really beautiful
old books, on wooden shelving, in natural sepia tones to create a warm timeless look.
As usual it is made from our beautifully textured fabric backed paper and available in 250 x 50cm drops.